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Please complete this form if your child is currently participating in virtual learning and would like to switch to in-person learning.  Families who complete the form between April 10-April 23 will have a start date for students on May 17. 

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UPDATED! A/B Day Schedule for 2nd Semester

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Main:  443-809-0165
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Library:  443-809-0335
Guidance:  443-809-0164
Fax: 443-809-0167

Our Vision
Middle River Middle School will prepare all students to graduate as 21st century learners to become competitive in tomorrow's global community.

Our Mission
Middle River Middle School aims to provide a safe, diverse, and rigorous academic experience for all students.  In order to prepare our students for high school, college and careers, we will:

-Promote high academic standards through collaborative learning
-Encourage appropriate and responsive behaviors
-Establish good values and citizenship.

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