Student Dress Code

DRESS CODE 2018-2019

We have used common sense and reasonableness to form our dress code. Before your child leaves for school, one should ask if the outfit would be acceptable in the world of work. Even in the hot weather students need to come to school with their bodies covered in a modest fashion. The following are guidelines for shopping:

 Skirts, dresses, or shorts need to be fingertip length
 No undergarments should be exposed
 Tops need to cover midriff and should not be strapless, tank tops, or muscle tee shirts; straps should be at least 2 finger-width
 Avoid clothing or other items (jewelry, etc.) depicting either a dehumanizing message or a danger to others (including , but not limited to, chains, dog collars, metal stud bracelets, etc.)
 Shoes or sandals must be suitable for outdoor wear and provide foot safety (no slippers)
 No nightclothes, pajamas, or lounge wear
 In cool weather, students must keep coats in his/ her assigned locker; sweaters or sweatshirts are good choices
 No hats, scarves or bandannas
 Expensive jewelry and all electronic devices/ headsets should be kept at home. This allows our students and staff to focus on achievement rather than on lost/misplaced/stolen items If your child wears an inappropriate outfit, we will call you to bring appropriate clothes for the student.